GlobalStep LLC is a premier technology services firm providing QA and Customer Support services to the digital media and interactive entertainment industries. In terms of Functionality, Compatibility and Compliance, GlobalStep is widely acknowledged as the worldwide leader in the provision of QA services within this space.
With a team now totaling more than 500 testers, we have, over the years, accumulated a vast amount of experience in testing a broad cross-section of games across all platforms ─ Games Consoles, PC/Mac, MMO, Social/Casual and Mobile/Tablets.  Our client roster includes big household names as well as many small and mid-sized developer/publishers. 
Within the PC/console space, GlobalStep has been providing QA services since day 1 and has experience with different console platforms including Microsoft consoles (Xbox 1, X360 etc), Sony consoles (PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP etc) and Nintendo (Wii, WiiU etc). 
Within the mobile space, GlobalStep has been providing QA services since the inception of the App Store and approximately 50% of its services, which now include test engineering and automation, are now mobile-specific. Our company has expertise in providing QA across all major platforms ─ namely iOS, Android and Windows ─ and has over a million hours of mobile testing experience.
As a synergistic extension to our QA support, GlobalStep also provides fully integrated customer and technical support services with the full backup of Tier 1, 2 and 3 escalation mechanisms and knowledgebase maintenance.
At GlobalStep, we have a defined framework for delivering excellence in operations. This enables us to provide the very best in class quality at an attractive price point. In addition to our technical and industry expertise, our customers tell us our flexibility and responsiveness are two key reasons why they have come to rely so heavily on our services.

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