26 - 28 June, 2018 | Germany

Maciej Mazurek

Publishing QA
Paradox Interactive


Who’s it for? Anyone interested in discussing the routines, culture or practices of their teams
Prerequisite Knowledge: None needed – come one come all!
What Should I Bring? A desire to improve, discuss and an open mind! It helps if you have a topic that you have been thinking about and would like to discuss with others.
What do I need to prepare? We will be asking attendees to submit topic ideas in advance – this is optional and we have prepared some topic suggestions below but if you wish to focus on anything in particular, the power is in your hands!
Paradox return, moderation skills honed, with the extremely popular QA Management Open Space!
An open space format is an organised way of having productive group discussions on the subjects that YOU find interesting or mission-critical right now, while simultaneously being able to share your own knowledge and experience with others in your position. The emphasis here is on discussion, instead of listening to eyes-forward presentations.
Participants will be split into small groups, and at the beginning of the workshop we will write all the topics that will be discussed during the session on the board. We will then select our first couple of topics from the list, and get discussing in our groups. You can either stick to one topic, or change groups whenever you want if you’d prefer to discuss a different topic.
Topic Suggestions may include:
·         How important is cultural fit and how to sustain a great culture eg. Team building?
·         What kind deliverables can be expected from the
QA team?
·         Training high quality QA
·         QA standards
·         Best practices about time estimates.
·         Advantages and disadvantages of test case
driven testing.
·         How to sell the impact of high value minor issues to colleagues?
·         Automated testing of games
·         What software do you use and like?
The ‘Rules’:
·         Whoever shows up is the right group
·         Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
·         Whenever it starts is the right time
·         When it’s over, it’s over
·         If you don’t contribute or benefit from the discussion, please feel free to move on to another discussion group – ‘vote with your feet’!
About Your Leaders:
Artur Foxander has been in the gaming industry for 11 years, starting as a QA tester for AAA titles, and indie titles both for development studios and Publishing.
He is currently leading the Publishing QA team at Paradox Interactive

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