26 - 28 June, 2018 | Germany

Alexander Murgatroyd

QA Manager
Space Ape Games


To kick off this year’s 3 day conference we’ll be building connections with other QA professionals by gathering to discuss topics important to each of us. 
In this QA workshop we will embrace this year’s emphasis on post-mortem style presentations and be sharing our greatest nightmares, lessons and successes with each other. 
This will be a time for honesty, self-assessment and likely some amusement. In small groups, be prepared to discuss topics including:
  • The biggest challenge facing your QA team
  • What you learnt the hard way
  • What I wish I knew on day 1 of being a QA Lead/Manager
  • Successes of the last 12 months, and what led to it
About your leader:
Alexander is in his 13th year in games development, having worked on over 100 titles in his career. In that time he has seen QA evolve from a fringe role, often misunderstood, to one imperative to a games’ success. 
Alexander has also performed emergency CPR, been swept out into the Atlantic alone and found a love for whiskey. 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Alexander.

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